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About Aura of Wildlife


We are a TICA Member and TICA Registered Cattery in North America.

We do health testing regularly.

All adults have : 

HCM screened (N/N) 

PK-Def tested(N/N),

PRA tested ( N/N )

(Independently verified and tested by UC Davis & Optimal) 

The price includes spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinations, TICA slip, health guarantee, health record, kitten welcome-home kit, familiar toys and nursery blanket.

The kittens will  go home  14 - 16 weeks / 3 - 4 month of age.

Some may need to stay longer if we feel they are not ready to leave our home yet.

We accept video chat and contract will be provided !!!


Bengal kitten

$1200- $2000 PET + Tax

All kittens will be evaluated individually according to their quality!

Russian Blue kitten

$2500 PET + Tax

Siberian kitten

$2000 PET + Tax

Retired Cats range

$500 - $1200 + Tax

We reserve the right to change the prices from some reason before the contract will be signed!

Breeders are ONLY sold to Registered Catteries


We offer a 5% discount for kittens purchased together or returning families. 


Shipping available  around Canada by additional cost.

We are also happy to meet you at the airport if you are flying in to pick up your kitten.   

Hypoallergenic           breed
The Bengals , Russian Blues and Siberians produce less of the Fel d 1 protein which the most common cause of cat allergies. They also shed less than some other cat breeds. However,not anyone with allergy can have "hypoallergenic" cat! It really just depends on the person and his reaction. Some people with cat allergies are still allergic to Russian Blues/Bengal while others are not.  

If you would like to test your allergies, we can provide you a t-shirt by the Mail ,that the cats have slept on .

This is an excellent first step to check your reaction before bringing your kitten home. 

We let to the cats sleep on the T-shirt for several days. We make sure that every one of our cats has thorough contact with the shirt before we ship it out. 

Shirt price:

- $35 CAD + Tax  around Canada  

- $35 USD to United States

This includes sale's tax and shipping through Canada post.


The first step is to place $500 deposit will hold your kitten until he or she is ready to go home.
Deposits are nonrefundable. 
We accept E-transfer, bank to bank transfer or cash upon pick up.
There is a 5% fee for using  bank to bank transfer.

Shipping and kennel will be for an additional fee.

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